Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Thursday Three Part Deux.

Here we go again. Round two of The Thursday Three.


Tokyo Subway Pin.

At this time last year I was In Tokyo, Japan. Navigating the subway for the first time, was nerve racking and scary as all hell. But now, I would wear this pin with pride. I mastered the Tokyo Subway System!


Bob Horner Art- All Seeing Eyeball Painting

I love this Guys art. It reminds me of cartoons on Liquid Television way back in the nineties.


I love you bacon cards in brown--bundle of three

Tell someone you love them with the King of all Meats. Mmmm....bacon...

Three more next Thursday. À bientôt!


  1. I love bacon!!! We used to raise pigs.
    I need that pin with a map of the local city for my son. He has no sense of direction!! We bought him a GPS for his 19th birthday so he wouldn't always get lost. LOL

  2. haha My boyfriend would love that bacon card. Disgusting - and too funny!

  3. great items! looove the bacon card.. too funny!