Friday, August 21, 2009

The best summer drink you've never had....

A good friend of mine introduced this awesome drink to me yesterday.

Where I live, the average daytime temperature is about 105 degrees this time of year.
If you're like me, there's only one way to close out a miserably hot summer day. An ice cold cocktail!
This one is my new favorite.

Sweet Tea Vodka and Soda.

Rocks Glass and Ice.
2 parts Sweet Tea Vodka. (Seagram's)
1 part Soda water.
Squeeze of lemon, and one to garnish.

It tastes just like iced tea, more so than a Long Island Iced Tea. This drink is dangerous!...
Mostly because Segrams Sweet Tea Vodka is 70 proof.

There are lots of other brands of Sweet Tea Vodka. I like Seagram's (Voted #1 sweet tea vodka for 2009).
Everything in the above picture, cost less than $15.00
Great for summer, and even better for your wallet. Give it a try.