Tuesday, August 11, 2009

B.Y.O.B ? No! B.Y.O.S Party (Bring Your Own Steak).

If you're like me, you have friends over for dinner every now and then. But throwing a dinner party can be expensive for the host. My friends and I usually trade off home hosting duties. During our last party, the money issue came up. The best solution we came up with, was to have everyone bring their own individual main dish. IE: steaks for this round. Steaks work out great for a dinner party like this. Not everyone likes the same cut of beef, or the same kind of seasonings as everyone else. Don't even get me started on how everybody likes them cooked.

Just look at all the different cuts that showed up...

For the sides, we went traditional. Grilled squash, zuchini and baked potatoes.

The squash and zuchini were super simple.
Sliced on the diagonal. Seasoned with kosher salt and pepper, then drizzled with olive oil.
Throw it on the grill untill they get good grill marks, and are a bit limp. Done!

Finally the potatoes.
Simply brushed with olive oil, and dusted with kosher salt.
Baked at 385 until fork soft. About an hour and a half. Obviously you want to get the potatoes started early on.

The best part of having a bring your own steak party?
Everybody helps to prep something. When the steaks are ready to hit the fire, we all grab a beer, and stand around the grill, tending to our own cuts, trading grilling techniques, and bonding over sizzling meat.
After all was said and done. Here is what I spent on my contribution to the party.
Two 2.5 pound ribeye steaks. $13.96
One 10 pound bag of potatoes. $3.99
One large container of sour cream. $2.49
After tax, I spent just over $22.00
On some nights, when I paid for the whole party. I would spend well over $100.
Over all. I think this was one of the best dinner partys I've ever hosted. This is a party format I will deffinatley do again.