Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Thursday Three #5!

Welcome back to another installment of the Thursday Three. I came across these three items over the last week. Please be sure to check out everything in their shops. They have lots of great things to offer.

Number One.

The Yellow Robot. 8x11 Print

Not all robots are programed to mame, kill, and destroy.
Some just want to stop and smell the flowers...

Number Two.

Nautical Cotton Bar Towels Set of Two.

Sometimes when you set sail with the Captain (Morgan), the seas get choppy.
Clean up the deck bar with these awesome nautical themed towels.

Number Three.

Made for Each Other Pillow Set- Customizable.

Who doesn't like PB and J sandwiches? I  know I do. Just looking at these makes me hungry.
This would make a great anniversary gift.

So thats three more down this week . See you next Thursday for three more!